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Learning the Perfect Pour

Academy Overview

The Kaladi Coffee Academy has trained thousands of baristas over the last 28 years, giving them valuable information and skills to make the best possible coffee. Our instructors are highly qualified and have years of hands-on experience working in some of the busiest cafes in Alaska, making the Kaladi Coffee Academy a cut above the rest.

Because we understand that having good quality coffee beans just isn't enough, our education will inform and prepare you to make the highest quality drinks for your business. The preparation and the person making the drink are just as important to the quality of the beverage as the beans themselves. Therefore, the training we provide is aimed at education about both quality and preparation to help the barista better serve their clientele and give everyone a better coffee experience.

Espresso 101

Kaladi offers two classes, starting with a Basic Class and an Advanced Drink-Making Class.

The Basic Class will go over the fundamentals of coffee preparation from seed to cup. Students will gain valuable coffee knowledge above and beyond what most baristas have had an opportunity to learn. This class is every other Wednesday from 3-6pm. The class costs $40.

The other class offered is Advanced Drink-Making. Participants are required to attend the Basic Class before attending this class. In Advanced Drink-Making, students will learn advanced fundamentals of espresso preparation, including: proper dosing, grinding, milk steaming techniques, and drink variations. This class runs from 3 to 6 p.m., every other Thursday. The class costs $60.

Upon completiong of both the Basic class and the Advanced courses, participants will receive certification from the Kaladi Barista Academy.

Space is limited for both classes, so call Jason ahead at 907.644.7400 to reserve your spot . For our wholesale customers, we also provide the same classes for your employees; please call for special pricing.

Trainees study roasted beans

On-Site Training

Because our barista training course is limited to both size and frequency, Kaladi offers on-site training. Have the instructor come to you, and teach you and your employees using your own equipment!

On-site training is offered at the following rates:

  • From Anchorage to Eagle River: $125
  • Girdwood, Wasilla and Palmer: $150
  • Any other drivable locations within Alaska will be $150, plus a mileage charge of 25 cents/mile. For example, since Talkeetna is 220 miles roundtrip, we would charge an additional $55.

On-site training that requires traveling by plane costs $200/day, including airfare and accommodations.

For additional information or to register, contact Kori Wright at 907.644-7406 or [email protected].

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